Plate Compactor AACE-4050

plate compactor

Plate Compactor AACE-4050 gives a higher compaction output with a large size hardened compaction plate. Idle to compact granular soils, asphalt, and paving

Use of Plate Compactor

plate compactor

A plate compactor is used to compress some types of soil and gravel for construction projects that require a stable subsurface. Plate compactors come in many different designs with different accessories, though the major features are stable.
Compactors are ideal machines for a range of DIY or residential construction projects, such as driveways or patios. They are also often used to compact soil in preparation for concrete pouring, footings and trenches. One of the prominent benefits is their ability to increase the load-bearing capacity of a surface

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Designed for compaction in confined areas of granular soil in narrow trenches. These plates are ideal for curbs, gutters, around tanks, forms, columns, footings, guard railings, drainage ditches, gas and sewer works and building construction.


Ductile-iron base plate for durability.
Lifting hook ensures easy to delivery in the different job site.
Diesel power system, more powerful force, better compaction, lower maintenance cost and long life time.
Using different petrol engines for special demand.


  • Ductile steel base plate provides better durability

  • Open plate provides self-cleaning

  • Sidewise located lifting bar allows easy transportation

  • Optional engines: Honda, Greaves, Loncin, Lifan gasoline engines and diesel engines