Scaffolding Column Formwork

column formwork system

The column formwork allows speedy assembly and assembly on site while reducing labor and crane time. The forms, made of steel or aluminum sometimes with a wooden from-face liner, can be accustomed on site to give diverse column sizes. Metal formwork systems can have primary concreting platforms with guard rails and access equipment comprising ladders. This diminishes the need for autonomous access. In some systems the props used to stabilize the column formwork are essential. The metal forms are easy to clean and reprocess with little surplus generated compared with old-style formwork.


  • Robost construction.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Durable finish standards.

Product Description

column formwork system

Aluminium column formwork manufactured on different sizes based on your requirement with 6oo5T6 extrusion of aluminium alloy it is a substite of MS column box and it get around 250 number of repitations , it is a recycled material even after 250 reputations
We manufacture different sizes and shapes of pier shuttering, which are having various customized shapes and patterns. These form works are manufactured of composite materials.
These are designed and manufactured by us considering all loading conditions while concreting. Pier Shuttering can be made available by us in different configuration choices as well as in sturdy construction which makes these highly appreciated by the customers.

Product Specification
Surface Type Color Galvanized
Type of Bridge Beam Bridge
Usage/Application Construction
Height 30000 mm
Diameter 1400 to 2800 mm
Type Circular Column Formwork
Brand AACE